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July 23, 2017
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March 3, 2018

Employee Leasing in East Africa (Kenya, Uganda, Tanzania, Rwanda, Burundi, and the Democratic Republic of Congo)

What is Employee Leasing?

Employee leasing is an arrangement whereby a client company obtains fully qualified employees to perform specific jobs for a specified period of time from the HR Company that has employed the Employees. Often referred to as a Professional Employer Organization (PEO).

Employee leasing is ideal in the following organizations;

  1. International companies that do not wish to invest in a HR department in every country they invest or operate in,
  2. Multinational companies that have no legal presence in the Countries they offer services or products in,
  3. Business implementing a major project in a specific country for a specific period.

Employee leasing enables the leasing company to have competent employees without investing in their training and development or welfare.

The leasing company also avoids the complex compliance issues in the host country.

Career Options Africa offers specialized services in East Africa.

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  17. Professional Employer Organization (PEO)services in Kenya
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  20. Professional Employer Organization (PEO)services in Rwanda

Contact us today;
Kenya: info@careeroptionsafrica.co.ke
Tanzania: info.tz@careeroptionsafrica.coo.ke
Uganda: info.ug@careeroptionsafrica.co.ke
Rwanda: info.rw@careeroptionsafrica.co.ke

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