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July 8, 2016
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Headhunting Services in East Africa

Head Hunters in East Africa (Kenya, Uganda, Tanzania, Rwanda, Burundi & Democratic Republic of Congo)

The traditional approach to Talent acquisition is based on the principle that, the bigger the pool of qualified candidates, the better the possibility of getting the right candidate for the job. Often this principle applies and therefore recruitment agencies in East Africa (Kenya, Uganda, Tanzania and Rwanda being no exemption) will seek to appeal to as many qualified job potentials to submit applications.

The Recruitment or Head Hunting agency/company will then take through the mass of job applicants through a shop listing process aimed at identify those who meet the minimum requirements for job. Of Course sometimes recruitment or head hunting agencies in Kenya, Uganda and Tanzania will find the pool of applicants too large and therefore the agency will shortlist those who exceed the minimum and hence have a higher probability of selection.

There are however times when this approach is not ideal and the client company or the recruitment company or head hunting agency will opt for head hunting

What is Head Hunting?

As the phrase suggests it is that process of quietly targeting selected individuals who fully meet the job requirements with a view to convincing them to take up a job. In Head hunting, the Head Hunting service provider will have done a survey and picking a few individuals who fully meet the job criteria. The process of head hunting is therefore a communication process by which the picked ‘heads’ or suitable candidates are contacted , briefed on the job and convinced to consider taking up the job. Often the head hunting companies/agencies will start with the most suitable head and only consider the second most suitable when the best has declined to consider taking up the job.

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When to use Head Heading

  1. There are only a few potential candidates who meet the job requirement.
  2. The job is a very senior position and therefore likely candidates are too busy to note the vacancy advert.
  3. The job requires very specific industry experience and only a few people in the industry with that experience have outstanding credentials
  4. The Employer does not want the market to know previous job holder has left or the position is vacant

What services do Head Hunting companies / agencies in East Africa offer?

  1. Staff short listing
  2. Preliminary interviews
  3. Aptitude testing
  4. Psychometric testing
  5. Competence mapping
  6. Background checking

What are the qualities of a good head hunting company or agency?

A good Head hunting agency in East Africa (Kenya Uganda, Tanzania, Rwanda) should meet the following qualities

  1. The agency has been the head hunting service for long in that county for a long time, and knows the sector or industry and the key actors. Simple must have good contacts in the target sector or industry
  2. The head hunting agency must be well respected otherwise targeted candidates will decline to meet them. Most head hunting agencies will meet these criteria
  3. The Head Hunting Company must be trusted to observe confidentiality.

What should you look for  when Recruitment and head hunting companies / agencies in East Africa?

  1. Corporate governance structures
  2. If recruitment/head hunting company /agency has certified psychometric testers
  3. If the recruitment or head hunting agencies are accredited with relevant professional bodies

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