Professional Employer and Human Resource Outsourcing Services

Why P.E.O Services?

P.E.O service is most ideal for the following client categories or situations;

a) Multinational companies with limited scope of operation in East Africa.

With our knowledge of the local employment laws and cultures matched with our expertise in HR best practices and business strategy, we provide multinational companies with the best quality Human Resources Management systems and structures to support the country business strategy in any of the East African countries.(Kenya, Tanzania, Uganda, Rwanda, South Sudan, Burundi and Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) )

b) Projects

We are able to customize a P.E.O package for specific projects based on the project duration, project activities, project life cycle and project skills needs that allow the project manager to focus on the core project activities.

Our Project P.E.O Package is most ideal for short to medium term projects where skills needs vary over the project cycle and highly flexible employee engagement arrangements are required.

c) Small and medium enterprises (S.M.E)

Small and medium sized enterprises lack the necessary financial resources to invest in a fully-fledged HR department and pay the services of a competent HR manager of the level required to assure the enterprise of a ready supply of competent and highly productive human resource.

Most of these enterprises therefore suffer the so called “value for HR trap” in which they are unable to balance between the business HR needs and the business ability to pay for quality HR Management.

Career Options Africa Ltd is able to pool resources to provide customized shared HR Management services to a large number of small and medium enterprises at affordable cost to each subscribing enterprise.

Unique Features of our P.E.O services

i) Customized HR Policy
We shall develop a comprehensive HR policy that suits the client’s unique business environment.

ii) HR strategy aligned to the Business Strategy
Our role is to facilitate your business strategy. We shall develop and assure full implementation of a client specific HR strategy aligned to the business strategy. Based on our core corporate competencies, we pride ourselves as the HR Outsourcing Service provider best suited to provide you with HR outsourcing services that best suits your business strategy.

iii) Job Evaluation and Salary survey every 3 years
In the last 10 years we have been in existence, we have crafted reward management strategies for clients in virtually all sectors of the Kenyan economy and our client can be assured of the best advice on performance based reward system. To assure this we shall conduct a Job Evaluation and a Salary Survey for each sector we serve every 3 years.

iv) HR Score card
We work with the client to develop a comprehensive and objective scorecard for continuous monitoring of our performance as a P.E.O to ensure our P.E.O services continuously meet the client’s needs.

v) HR Information System
We have invested in a reliable HR Information System and Payroll System that can accommodate a large number of clients and which helps generates a variety of reports for each client.

Benefits of using a P.E.O

a) Focus on core businesses
The client is left to focus on its core business and the Management can direct time and resources to managing the core business activities and business growth while leaving us to manage the HR function which is our core business.

b) HR expertise
A P.E.O as expected is established and managed by HR experts and has HR/Talent Management as its core business. As a well-managed P.E.O, we have invested adequately in HR systems and structures and best practices in HR/Talent Management and the client is assured of best available expertise in managing the HR function.

c) Risk Management
Under a P.E.O arrangement the employees belong to the P.E.O not the client and therefore all risks related to health and safety, termination, industrial actions etc. are on us not the client.

d) Cost effectiveness
As a well-managed P.E.O, we pass enormous cost savings to the client company including;

1.Lower per employee cost of managing the HR function
2.We can negotiate better benefit packages than individual employers
3.No recruitment costs are incurred by client
4.Loss arising from theft by employees can be passed on to us in certain circumstances


1.We guarantee our clients reduced cost of managing the HR function per employee over time.
2.We however caution our current and potential clients that we do not pursue cost reduction through low employee remuneration as we believe in the principle of “fair pay for a fair job” and in the success of performance based reward systems.

e) Productivity
Productivity losses associated with employee turnover, absenteeism, sick off etc are eliminated where client is agreeable to productivity based P.E.O contract.

f) Knowledge of local labor market culture
For multinational companies operating in many countries, we offer them HR Management practices well founded on our experience of the local labor market in each of the East African countries.

g) Better benefit package
P.E.O’s can offer employees more value per shilling spent on employment benefits. We promise our clients continuous improvement in employee benefit packages at the same benefit cost as we grow our client base in the region.

h) Flexibility
As a P.E.O, we allow our clients great flexibility in HR decisions. The business can for example change its skills mix by any proportion with no separation costs or reduce and increase employees over business cycles with minimal hiring and separation costs.

Drawbacks of using P.E.O include:

a) Loss of control.
For small business owners who are used to having their hands in every aspect of the business, relinquishing control of Human Resource can be a difficult adjustment.

b) Impersonal.
Companies that use a P.E.O can’t always provide the same level of personalized service to their employees as they would for employees under their direct hire and management.