Immigration & Relocation Facilitation in East Africa.

We provide immigration and relocation facilitation services targeting the following client categories;

a) Individual investor or expatriate seeking to migrate and settle in East Africa on a permanent or short term basis.
b) Multi-nation or foreign companies bringing expatriate staff to work in East Africa.

Presence in East Africa

We provide immigration and relocation services in the following Countries in East Africa;
a) Kenya
b) Uganda
c) Tanzania, including Zanzibar
d) Rwanda
e) South Sudan
f) Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC)
g) Burundi


Our range of immigration and relocation services includes;

  1. Pre-arrival personal needs assessment
    We assess the individual immigrant needs through an individual needs assessment form and follow up email and telephone communication.
  2. Country briefs
    We send the individual immigrant a customized Country brief based on the needs assessment providing summarized information on the country, intended city of relocation and host East African country immigration requirements and industry/sector specific information.
  3. Processing of work permits
    We work with the employer and individual expatriate to process a work permit ahead of the relocation.
  4. Temporally accommodation
    We arrange for temporally accommodation suitable to the individual or family pending occupation of own residence where necessary.
  5. Re-location facilitation including;
    a)    Home search
    b)    Leasing of office space
    c)    Leasing/hiring of vehicles for local use
    d)    Identification of suitable school for children
    e)    Orientation tour
    f)     Storage of household good.
  6. Hiring of local domestic staff for expatriates
    HR Outsourcing Division can arrange junior staff like a driver or domestic staff like house assistant, baby sitter etc. under various arrangements as per individual needs.
  7. Expatriate country orientation including culture training.
    Our training team can arrange for orientation sessions on a one-on-one basis or through a variety of training resources. This may include training on relevant local laws and regulations.
  8. Post-arrival support on need basis
    We avail a personal relocation facilitator to provide personalized support to the client on need basis during the initial months.


We charge very competitive fees based on the needs assessment.
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