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June 18, 2016
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Kenya’s outsourcing services sector gain more ground with the emergence of payroll outsourcing providers

Kenya continues to gain more ground as an outsourcing hub with more and more outsourcing service providers entering the sector.

Besides business process outsourcing (BPO , automated data processing  and voice transcribing which were among the early services that Kenya Outsourcing Sector embraced, Payroll Outsourcing is now gaining root with at least 6 data procession and Human Resource Outsourcing companies offering payroll outsourcing to local and regional companies.

The main target has been multinational companies setting base in Kenya with limited local processing hence outsourcing most of their Human Resource services. The Outsourced Payroll providers are offering a banquet of benefits to their clients as they try to offer attractive packages.

Among the new entrants in outsourced payroll services is Career Options Africa which through a specialized section of its Human Resource Outsourcing Division has opened a modern data center at Juliet Towers, Ngong Road. The Data center with state of the art computer hardware and software is offering the following services;

a.Creating employeesinto the  multicurrency and multicompany  payroll system.

b.Making monthly  changes to variable pay data including salary changes, overtime,  loans and advances.

c.Entering temporally  staff data where  the  client hires day casuals

d.Computing  gross earning and total deductions

e.Preparing  monthly  payroll report  for approval  by client includin

g month  by month variation report  as an internal control  measure.

f.Processing and emailing employee  pay lips

g.Remitting monthly  statutory  deductions  on  behalf clients to KRA, NSSF,  NHIF

h.Processing individual PAYE  tax cards for annual returns

i.Procurement  of affordable WIBA covers

j.At no  extra cost we provide  free computerized  employee  records  management


The Company promises its clients the following benefits;

a.Full compliance with all relevant  laws through  timely submission of statutory  deductions

b.Cost savings by through  economies of scale as we serve many  clients using a small team of staff backed by modern  ICT Center  and Payroll Software

c.Confidentiality of pay data as access is restricted to only authorized  people

d.Speed  and efficiency by having staff dedicated to  payroll processing throughout  the month

e.Enhanced internal  controls thus preventing  payroll fraud

f.Multicurrency  capability to  process payroll in any regional or international  currency

g.Comprehensive  payroll  reports  that include departmental  reports,  variance reports  and exceptional reports  as shall be agreed with client.

h.Monthly  staff counts department  by  department  included in the  report

i.HR Matrix  like staff cost to  total revenue  can be included  in monthly reports.

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