Outsourcing Recruitment Process.

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October 8, 2017
March 10, 2018

Outsourcing Recruitment Process.

Benefits of Outsourcing the Recruitment Process.

Recruitment process outsourcing offers many benefits when it is set up correctly. In a true Outsourcing recruitment Process partnership between client and provider, Hr Outsourcing includes the total management and ownership of the recruitment function. In East Africa, Career options Africa Ltd has taken the initiative to provide Outsourced HR services such as; Professional Employer Services., Employer of Records Service, Outsourced Payroll service.

In fact, more and more organizations are using Outsourcing recruitment Process“, Outsourcing the recruitment Process as a long-term strategic initiative especially to help identify critical talent for positions which are tied to organizational performance and productivity. HR Outsourcing is not seen just as a “quick fix” for organizing or improving the recruitment process any more.

The strategic benefit of using an Outsourced HR partner is to extend talent acquisition beyond the existing channels like job boards or social media marketing through a strong sourcing approach. This results in better quality of candidates, and helps organizations to gain a competitive edge in the marketplace.

Companies need support for parts of their hiring process, or they may choose to outsource the whole recruitment process to allow their HR professionals to focus on the core business,in particular,outsourcing the recruitment process brings about the following:


  • improvement of the quality of hires and presented candidates
  • reduction of the cost of hire
  • increase in speed of hire
  • creation of a larger talent pool for future recruitment
  • improvement of tracking, reporting and auditing the recruitment function
  • provides a scalable recruitment process.
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The performance of an Outsourced HR firm can be measured against an organization’s/client’s internal targets and expectations. These usually consist of the time of hire,cost of hire, manager satisfaction, organizational competitive advantage.

The Outsourced HR partner takes the time to learn and adapt their client company’s culture and values  as their own employees would. Thus, the better the Outsourced HR partner is blended in the HR organization, the better the results are.

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