Outsourcing Recruitment Process.
March 3, 2018
August 16, 2018


Recruitment agencies and consultants in addition to their recruitment services bring a high level of expertise to the task of finding the best person for a vacancy. These organizations can assist in attracting candidates, either by using their existing databases of personnel or by advertising under their banner in areas for which they specialize.
Recruiting areas can be relieved of undertaking a considerable amount of administrative/organizational work, as the recruitment company will provide resources to concentrate on the recruitment task.
The responsibility for making the final selection recommendation will always be with a selection committee and the decision to appoint will also remain with the University delegated authority.
On the other hand, charges will vary considerably depending on the agency chosen and the level of support required.
Agencies will probably seek to charge a certain percentage of the remuneration package (including base salary and all other benefits and allowances including bonuses, motor vehicles etc). These fees are usually exclusive of advertising and travel expenses. Charges for executive searches may be higher.

How to hire more productive employees.

The hiring process is one of the most crucial aspects of an organization, because the employees hired will determine the productivity, efficiency, and ingenuity of the team, and the company in the long run. So to make sure you’re hiring a self-motivated individual who doesn’t need your supervision on making sure things are done well and on time, this are what should be asked during the interview.

  1. Evaluate attitude before skills
    It is important to screening potential employees not only on their professional skills and experience, but also on their attitude. Are they likely to fit into your company’s culture? Technical skills and expertise can be upgraded through training and coaching, but the right attitude, that would make him/her a valuable addition, cannot be taught. This refers to approach to work, interaction with colleagues, his productivity, efficiency, and leadership capabilities, and general work ethic. All of these factors determine how an employee functions and how well he/she would fit into the organization.
  2. Know how they handle their failures
    While most people ask potential employees about their professional achievements and successes, very few ask them about their failures and setbacks. Some recruiters say, how people handles failures and hurdles, using them to learn, grow, and advance their skills is arguably more important than how they handle success. In a high stress, high performance environment an employee needs to be resilient and determined enough to bounce back from even the most debilitating of setbacks, and utilize them to his/her advantage. A successful organization needs employees they can depend on, ones who won’t break under pressure, and inspire fellow colleagues to do the same.
  3. Find out how they would handle specific scenarios with the organization.
    Apart from the usual set of scripted questions and tests that are designed to evaluate their capabilities, an efficient way of evaluating potential employees is by giving them a few hypothetical situations and ask them what they’d do in that situation. You can design the questions based on past issues, and problems the company has faced, using real, high stress scenarios to test their decision-making capabilities, out of the box thinking, and ability to not crack under pressure. This helps you figure how they think, their depth of knowledge, as well as their suitability for the job.
  4. Ask about new skills picked up recently.
    In today’s world, complacency is one of the most harmful vices, and employee complacency can ruin even the simplest of projects. With technological innovations and breakthroughs taking place every other day, it is imperative that employees constantly keep upgrading their skills and expertise, adding new feathers to their cap every now and then. Therefore, in order to understand whether potential employees are driven to excel and understands the need to constantly upgrade their skills, ask them new skills they have picked up recently, in the last year or so. This will help you understand whether the employee would be a valuable addition to the organisation in the long run, and how well he/she would be able to contribute to its growth.
  5. Find Out of any extra curricular activities.
    These skills tend to be personal in nature and can relate to time management, loyalty, responsibility, being a team player, leadership skills, etc. These are all vital competencies that can be learnt from experiences and extracurricular activities and transferred to the work environment. Therefore, it is an excellent practice to ask candidates about their participation in activities outside work to judge what attributes they have picked up as well as gauge their personality and see if they’re a good fit for the job.
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Our Recruitment Services Include:-

  1. Contingent Recruitment- Given our database which is rich with good talents, we endeavor to fill each position as it comes and payment is made only after the position is filled and the candidate has reported to work. We undertake an end to end recruitment process to include shortlisting, interviewing, administering skills tests, background checks and referees’ checks.
  2. Executive Search- Headhunting– We have head-hunted the best talents in Kenya for C-level positions and below and you can consider us as the best headhunting company in Nairobi, Kenya given our experience and expertise. Our experts will identify the candidates, appeal to them and bring them on board. We conduct preliminary reference checks on a candidate before presenting them to the client.
  3. Mass Recruitment- We have undertaken major recruitment projects in Kenya and acting as recruitment agency for Middle East and other African companies. We possess the tools and capacity required to attract and process a significant number of recruits selected from our own internal database of pre-qualified candidates. We have the capacity to hire a large number of employees within a very short period of time and deliver quality, skilled and experienced talents.
  4. Contracting- Are you looking for short term contracted employees in Nairobi, Kenya? Brites will undertake short term recruitment assignments. We have a rich database of data entry clerks, Administration staffs, drivers, riders, cleaners, office messengers etc.
  5. Labourforce Outsourcing: Career Options Africa is the leading best labour/ casual outsourcing company in Nairobi, Kenya and the other East African Countries. We are a team of qualified HR professionals with excellent management skills in Outsourced Labour force Management. Our experience in Outsourced Labour force Management and the commitment with which we serve our clients will assist the clients meet their goals and objectives as they concentrate on their core business and leave the management of casuals to us.

When you in need for a provider of outsourced recruitment services in the East African region,Look no further but to Career Options Africa, we have vast expertise in provision of outsourced recruitment services in the region.
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