Social security contributions

An individual in employment is obligated to make a contribution of 5% of one’s gross earnings to the national social security fund.

An individual who is an employer is also obligated to make contributions to the national social security fund for each employee, amounting to 10% of their gross pay.

Local Service Tax

An individual in employment is obligated to pay Local Service Tax to the Town Council where one resides.

According to the Local Service Tax Act and guidelines for the implementation of the Local Service Tax, an individual who is an employer is required to determine and deduct the Local Service Tax from the salaries and wages of their employees within a period of four months not later than the 15th day of November.

Consumption taxes

Value-added tax (VAT)

VAT is charged on taxable supplies made by taxable persons, the importation of goods other than in cases of exempt imports, and imported services by any person. The standard VAT rate is 18%; some items are zero rated and others are exempt.